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CMS Marine 4-Stroke portable
The CMS Marine 4-stroke portable is a comprehensive, transportable system which can be rapidly installed on-site to enable acquisition of cylinder pressure data on diesel- and gas engines. Data can be recorded from up to 20 cylinders for to diagnose malfunctions or to assist in the setting and optimising of engine operating parameters e.g. balancing cylinder. This reduces wear and tear in the engine and enables extensive savings by reducing fuel and oil consumption.



IMES - the right products at the right time.
Emissions reduction has been the dominant theme in engine development for more than two decades, but fuel consumption, power density and overall cost of ownership are always high on the agenda of every engine builders and engine end user.   
More than ever, it is vital to know exactly what is going on when fuel ignites in air in the combustion chamber of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines.
IMES has the answers.



User friendly Electronic Engine Indicator
IMES is a specialist manufacturer of equipment for measuring, monitoring and testing cylinder pressure on internal combustion engines. We are among the global market leaders for permanently installed cylinder pressure sensors applied on gas engines and hand-held electronic engine indicators for periodic cylinder pressure monitoring on large diesel engines. Our high-precision products are designed for harsh operating environments and cover a full range of marine and stationary diesel, gas and dual-fuel engine applications.


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