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IMES is a privately owned company founded by Stefan Neumann in 1996. It based in the town of Kaufbeuren, in the picturesque Allgäu region of Bavaria, Southern Germany. IMES specializes in electronic measurement, monitoring and testing of cylinder pressure on engines and compressors, based on its high precision TION thin film pressure sensors.

IMES counts all the world’s major engine manufacturers among its customer base and IMES sensors, electronic pressure indicators and combustion monitoring systems are employed on a wide range of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, on ships and locomotives and in power and cogeneration plants and pipeline compressor stations all around the world.
Press Release, September - 2016

IMES presents EPM-XP plus at SMM 2016

During SMM in Hamburg, the most important event in the maritime industry, IMES presented its recent development EPM-XP plus, a further development of the successful electronic indicator    EPM-XP.

EPM-XP is a battery-powered hand-held electronic device for periodic monitoring of cylinder pressure on two- and four- stroke diesel engines. It has been available since 2008 and was the first electronic indicator that offered automatic P-comp calculation without TDC pick-up, due to specifically developed mathematical algorithm. More than 2,000 units are in use worldwide. It is characterized by its high accuracy, reliability, longevity and cost-effectiveness.