CCM is a smart combustion signal processing device for marine and stationary gas engines.
The CCM function is to acquire and process in real time data from cylinder pressure sensors
on dual-fuel and spark ignited gas engines. Every combustion cycle will be evaluated on every cylinder
for to calculate key parameters engine builders needs to implement cylinder pressure based control on engines.

CCM is designed as a plug-and play module for IMES CCM Systems.

Knock detection

The knock control concept identifies combustion knock in cylinders to protect the engine against damage.

Peak pressure

The control system monitors engine operation and initiates a quick reduction in output or an engine cut-off if necessary, because malfunctions of the engine controller can cause cylinder or engine failure.


IMEP calculations enable to optimise the combustion process by cylinder output balancing. This can recuce fuel consumption up to 2%.

Robust housing

The CCM box is very robust and it is proven for many years as it is still in use for several other engine control systems (e.g. electronically controlled injection systems).

Misfire detection

Every combustion process with weak- or misfire will be detected to realise early defect spark plugs or injectors.

Thermodynamic parameters

CCM processes and calculates heat release rate in real time in each cylinder which is an important information for the control system for optimising engine efficiency.

Plug- and play concept

CCM can be installed directly at the engine or inside a cabinet. A sophisticated plug- and play concept enables an easy fitting of cylinder pressure sensors and pulse inputs at CCM-housing.

System integration

CMM communicates via CAN bus with the engine control system and it can be integrated to the engine management system.