Electronic Compression Tester and Leakage Meter for Petrol, Diesel and Gas Engines in:
  • Cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Locomotives
  • Mobile and stationary equipment
  • Workboats and pleasure craft
With the new Compri hand-held electronic compression meter, IMES is transferring its know-how and experience to compression and combustion chamber leakage testing on series-produced engines in maintenance, overhaul and repair workshops and the engine reconditioning business.

  • Single device for compression and leakage pressure measurement on both diesel and petrol engines
  • One man operation for all functions
  • Immediate read-outs of maximum compression
  • Data download to computer via integral USB port
  • Software package for detailed data visualisation and evaluation
  • Adaptors for wide range of sparkplug, glowplug and fuel injector bores
  • 24 measurements per engine - e.g. compression and leakage on a V12
  • Also suitable for testing and measuring pressure in a range of on-engine / on-vehicle media e.g. lubricating oil, coolant, power steering fluid, compressed air in tyres and braking systems.