March 2018

Testing combustion sensors on a container vessel

We are pleased to inform that IMES has been testing its combustion monitoring system CCM Marine together with its two-stroke combustion sensors type TCS-01CA on board of the container ship Hedda Schulte.

In cooperation with the German shipping company Thomas Schulte Ship Management GmbH the test has been running since 2015.

Now the maritime trade journal Ship&Offshore published a detailed report about the results of the successful test in its actual issue.


November 2017

IMES at Europort in Rotterdam 2017

From 7th – 10th November 2017 IMES was exhibitor at Europort in Rotterdam, an important international maritime trade show for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. With more than 1,100 exhibiting companies and more than 30,000 professional visitors it belongs to the world’s leading maritime meeting places.

On our stand we were presenting our wide range of cylinder pressure sensors. Furthermore 2 types of simulators were demonstrating the functions of our new engine analyser EPM-XP plus and of our further developed combustion monitoring system CCM Marine directly at our stand.

The engine analyser EPM-XP plus is a further development of our successful electronic indicator EPM-XP.

EPM-XP, a battery powered hand held electronic device for periodic monitoring of cylinder pressure on 2- and 4-stroke marine diesel engines, is available since 2008 and was the first electronic indicator that offered automatic Pcomp calculation without TDC pick-up.
More than 2.300 units have been sold worldwide up to now. They convince with their high accuracy, reliability, longevity and cost effectiveness.

EPM-XP plus engine analyser offers advanced features to enable an optimised engine performance, e.g.: a higher battery capacity for up to 10 operating hours, short term on-line measurements. The data acquired can be directly transmitted via WiFi or USB to a PC for evaluation on visualisation software. On-line measurements enable to control cylinder pressure permanently and therefore it is easier to diagnose and to fix malfunctions of combustion An App for visualisation on smartphone or tablet is in preparation.

Our combustion monitoring system of CCM Marine is an easy to use plug and play system which enables in real time data acquisition of cylinder pressure on diesel-, gas and dual-fuel engines. Data can be recorded from up to 20 cylinders for closed loop control applications and to diagnose malfunctions or to assist in the setting and optimising of engine parameters e.g. balancing cylinders.

CCM Marine is available for fixed installation and also as a portable system.

The advanced visualisation software offers the possibility of selecting advanced monitoring functions in the following diagrams and reports: Pressure curve diagram, Pmax and Pcomp diagram, Pmax balance, Pressure volume diagram, Engine report

Another important characteristic of CCM Marine is event storing, this means that CCM Marine has a large memory buffer that records combustion data and pressure curves from the latest 40 cycles on 4-stroke engines or rather the latest 80 cycles on 2-stroke engines. This function allows to analyse the data before, during and after a failure. This enables the engine operator to determine the cause of failure and to find possibilities how to prevent it in the future.

August 2017

IMES USA announcement

IMES, the world’s leading supplier of cylinder pressure sensors for large-bore engines and compressors, is pleased to announce the grand opening of “IMES USA”, IMES’ new US-based company.  
IMES USA demonstrates IMES’ commitment to the North American market, and IMES’ intent to be North America’s leading supplier of cylinder pressure sensors for large-bore engines and reciprocating compressors. IMES USA also offers an electronic engine balancer for large-bore gas engines and an electronic pressure indicator for diesel engines.
Dave Morris, who has represented IMES in North America since 2009, is president of IMES USA.
Please contact IMES USA at:

June 2017

IMES developed system for advanced engine analysis with permanent engine monitoring

In times where emission regulations continue to tighten, optimised engine performance to reduce NOx and CO2 is of paramount importance.

As a specialist for cylinder pressure measurement, we developed a two-stroke combustion sensor, TCS-01CA, for continuous cylinder pressure measurement on two-stroke diesel engines to enable cylinder balancing and performance evaluation (24h per day / 365 per year).

The sensor is designed for permanent installation on marine diesel engines. It should be installed in a special adaptor between cylinder cover and indicator cock, as this reduces the build-up of combustion deposition at the sensor membrane significantly. We offers these special adaptors for MAN and Wärtsilä engines.

TCS-01CA is a very robust sensor, its closed face makes the sensor immune to sooting. Due to this and due to its very good thermodynamic characteristics cylinder pressure measurements can be made with high precision (< 1% Full scale).

Furthermore the sensor convinces with its outstanding longevity and sensitivity. Since August 2015 IMES' TCS-01CA sensors are installed on the cargo ship Hedda Schulte and even after more than 10,000 operating hours the sensors offer the same high accuracy and reliability.

To use TCS-01CA optimally we offer the sensor also together with our proven combustion monitoring system CCM Marine 2-stroke performance which includes a high speed data acquisition unit for up to 12 cylinder and an advanced visualisation- and performance evaluation software. The function is to require and process in real time data from TCS-01CA continuously and in all speed ranges.

The sophisticated software enables an easy collection, management and comparison of engine performance data. It compares actual ISO corrected measurement with the reference data at any load point. Performance graphs and reports give a quick status of an engine and suggest actions to take for optimising engine performance. This enables extensive savings by reducing fuel and oil consumption as well as engine repairs caused by inadequately adjusted engines. This is not only a financial advantage for the shipping companies, engine manufacturers and generating plant but also a big advantage for our environment as optimal adjusted engines comply to IMO TIER III limitations on NOx and SOx in Emission Control Areas.

February 2017

EPM-XP Combustion Simulator

We are pleased to inform you that IMES designed EPM-XP combustion simulator. This simulator demonstrates all functions of EPM-XP without a running engine.

As well as working with EPM-XP in the field you can choose at the simulator between 2- and 4-stroke engine and you have the possibility to enter different engine data to simulate particular situations, e.g. abnormal measurement at the engine to diagnose wear and tear or to determine ignition point

This simulator is an ideal tool for training purposes. Shipping companies can teach their staff how to work with EPM-XP properly and even marine schools use EPM-XP combustion simulator for training inside the classroom.

For further information please contact

November 2016

EPM-XP Xmas campaign

This year IMES has a special Xmas campaign for its well-known electronic indicator EPM-XP.

EPM-XP with automatic Pcomp calculation for 2- and 4-stroke engines is available since 2009. More than 2,000 units are in use worldwide. It is a proven product with an excellent track record.

Now we are pleased to offer our electronic indicator EPM-XP at the special price of 1,150.- € if you send us your electronic indicator of the trade mark Premet®, DPI or HLV.

IMES is specialized in electronic measurement, monitoring and testing of cylinder pressure on engines and compressors for more than 20 years. Our sensor types have received Marine Type Approval from all significant international classification societies such as Bureau Veritas, DNV, ABS, GL, Lloyd's Register, Class NK and CCS.

Our sensors, electronic pressure indicators and combustion monitoring systems are in operation on a wide range of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, on ships and locomotives and in power and cogeneration plants and pipeline compressor stations all around the world.

We hope we have piqued your interest.

This campaign is valid until 24.12.2016.
For further information please contact

September 2016

IMES presents EPM-XP plus at SMM 2016

During SMM in Hamburg, the most important event in the maritime industry, IMES presented its recent development EPM-XP plus, a further development of the successful electronic indicator EPM-XP.

EPM-XP is a battery-powered hand-held electronic device for periodic monitoring of cylinder pressure on two- and four- stroke diesel engines. It has been available since 2008 and was the first electronic indicator that offered automatic P-comp calculation without TDC pick-up, due to specifically developed mathematical algorithm. More than 2,000 units are in use worldwide. It is characterized by its high accuracy, reliability, longevity and cost-effectiveness.

EPM-XP plus offers additional functions which allow improved engine optimisation. A vibro-acoustic sensor which can optionally be connected to the device provides data for the analysis of abnormal combustion and abnormal valve tuning. All data can be transferred to a tablet, smartphone or laptop via WiFi. A newly developed app enables users to visualize online measurements on the tablet or smartphone. Online measurements are also provided for the laptop via WiFi or USB connection.  IMES has also increased the battery capacity to 10 hours of operating time.

By analysing cylinder pressure and vibro-acoustic measurements an extensive engine diagnosis is possible, which is very important with regard to engine power, repairs, efficiency, cost savings and environmental protection.

EPM-XP plus will be available in I. quarter 2017.

Another highlight at SMM was IMES’ CCM Marine.

CCM is a combustion monitoring system which enables in real time data acquisition of cylinder pressure on engines. Data can be recorded from up to 20 cylinders for closed loop control applications and to diagnose malfunctions or to assist in the setting and optimising of engine parameters e.g. balancing cylinder.

IMES offers fixed and portable CCM systems for diesel and gas engines. In the heart of both systems is a specifically developed hardware module which enables to acquire and process real time data from cylinder pressure sensors on spark ignited and dual fuel gas engines. Every combustion cycle will be evaluated on every cylinder. It is designed for cylinder balancing and to detect knock and misfire.

IMES is pleased to offer all necessary components for optimal combustion controlled engines from one hand. The combination of our CCM modules plus our reliable cylinder pressure sensors and our specifically developed software allow an easy and accurate adjustment of the engine to improve combustion and NOx emissions.
February 2016

Extension of existing building provides state-of-the- art production facilities

Cylinder pressure sensor specialist IMES based in Kaufbeuren in Germany is a continuous growing company selling its innovative products worldwide.

In 2015 IMES improved its sensors by using a new setup and connection technology to make them more robust and resistant against increasing temperature- and vibration level for application on high efficiency engines. Furthermore IMES developed for its sensors a modular system in order to comply with specific customer requirements and to achieve shorter delivery times.

These significant innovations as well as the development of a new multi-channel measuring system demand enhanced production facilities. Therefore IMES is now investing in an extension of the existing building. Ground-breaking was in November 2015.

The new building will be completed in June 2016 and it will accommodate a new production area equipped with high technology testing instruments and also a new cafeteria, as this extension requires more qualified employees of course. The overall cost including new machinery and equipment sum up.

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