Combustion creates pressure, and IMES cylinder pressure sensors and systems help engine builders and engine operators gain vital insights into the combustion process and extract vital information from it.

With products capable of giving deep insights into the combustion process of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, IMES is ideally placed to assist engine manufacturers to gain and maintain emissions compliance, increase power output and reduce the total cost of engine ownership.

Due to increasing environmental awareness, the marine, power generation, rail traction and gas compression sectors are all facing new challenges in the form of ever tighter national and international legislation, agreements and incentives affecting noxious emissions, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy. At the same time, demand from engine users for more power from the same or smaller displacement and lower life cycle costs continue uninterrupted.

For example, as well as assisting compliance with emissions legislation, the high precision cylinder pressure data acquired by IMES products can also be used to monitor the condition of the engine and diagnose faults - either continuously or periodically - as well as providing data which can be used as feedback in closed loop engine management systems.

Hence, on a daily basis, data from thousands of IMES sensors supplied to gas engine manufacturers allow power plant, cogeneration plant and compressor station operators to both protect their engines from the damaging effects of combustion knock and misfiring and to run their engines safely at the highest possible cylinder outputs.

And, with gas engines set to equip more and more ships as a solution to IMO Tier III in emissions control areas (ECAs), the maritime industry has a ready-made solution that will allow it to operate gas engines safely and at optimized output and fuel consumption.

Similarly, on diesel engines in power plants and ships, IMES products allow periodic checks of cylinder pressure to be carried out more accurately and more conveniently than ever before.


Today, large engine manufacturers are required to fulfill numerous international safety standards. Marine Type Approval is therefore a mandatory requirement for voyage and safety critical devices installed on any ship.
IMES sensor types have received Marine Type Approval from all significant international classification societies such as Bureau Veritas, DNV, ABS, GL, and Lloyd's Register.